Samantha Buensuceso Kenney, Co-Founder

Our Story

Sam, as what her close friends call her, was a Beauty Queen and a contestant to several pageants back in her college days. She admired the feeling of being on stage and the adrenaline rush while walking that runway.

Something about that experience was liberating and somehow gave her the feeling of being seen. The make-up, gowns, dresses and heels were all part of the whole process and every time she wears them, she feels empowered and ready to face anything.

This is what made her decide to create Samboujee. She believes that anything that adds confidence and self esteem to anyone should be made available with nothing but premium quality.

More Than Just a Beauty Brand

We believe that luxury isn’t only for the rich and famous. And that beauty, confidence, and self-expression are yours to claim.

We’re just here to help you get it.

We launched Samboujee in mid-2021 to provide effortlessly luxurious lashes at a guilt-free price. After two years of research and development, we’ve created the longest-lasting, lowest-effort, and most comfortable lashes on the market today. Because we wouldn’t have accepted anything less for ourselves.

Premium Quality

Expect Nothing Less. You Deserve It.

30-Day Guarantee

100% Risk-Free & Hassle-Free

Nationwide Shipping

Available Throughout Philippines


Our Mission

Our mission is for you to feel your best inside and out. While we know it’s what is inside that counts, we also know that how we look can have a big impact on how we feel. 

We’re all about a positive mindset, humble manner, and good attitude. But we’re also all about killer looks, style, and the ability to express yourself without saying anything at all. 

Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Look

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